Chevron Retirees Association Dental Program - Providing a quality dental option to ALL CRA Members

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the Dental Program?

All dues-paying CRA Members, excluding retirees located in Oregon or Washington State, are eligible to participate. These restrictions are temporary. We expect to offer the Program to residents of Oregon and Washington State in the near future. In addition to the CRA Member, their spouses, domestic partners, and unmarried dependent children under age 25 may also be covered.

What does the CRA Dental Program offer?

The CRA Dental Program makes available to CRA Members the choice between two MetLife Dental Plans – the Low Plan or High Plan. The Low Plan covers preventative and basic care coverage, such as x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and periodontal maintenance. The High Plan covers all of the services of the Low Plan plus major care such as implants, crowns, and dentures. The Low Plan provides an annual maximum benefit of $750 and the High Plan provides an annual maximum benefit of $1,500. For further details click here.

How much do the MetLife Dental Plans cost?

The premiums vary based on which Plan you choose, the number of eligible persons you elect to cover, and where you live. To determine your monthly premium use the Rate Calculator feature listed on the CRA Dental Progam Page.

How do I determine if my dentist is a member of the MetLife network?

Most likely your dentist is already a member of the MetLife network since it has over 100,000 participating dentists. To confirm, you should call your dentist to find out if they are currently a participating dentist. You can also conduct a search of participating dentists in your area by clicking here and plugging your zipcode into the Quick Look-up feature on the top, right side of the page.

How do I decide which Plan to join?

Selecting the right Plan is a personal decision. You should discuss your dental needs and their estimated costs with your dentist to help you determine which Plan would be the better fit for your needs. You may also wish to complete the “Insurance Analysis Worksheets,” to help you identify your need. To access the Worksheets, click here (pdf file).

Are the MetLife Plans competitive?

The MetLife Plans compare favorably with other market plans. For a comparison of the MetLife Plans, Chevron’s Dental Plan (only available to legacy Chevron retirees), and two dental plans offered through AARP click here. However, please note the comparison is based on 2008 premium costs and plan provisions as 2009 material is not available at this time.

If I decide not to join at this time, may I join at a later date?

This is a relatively new product for MetLife, and consequently they do not expect to provide an annual offering of these Plans. While we are still working with MetLife on this issue, you should carefully consider whether to join now. If you are covered by another plan and elect to change coverage (e.g., Chevron Dental Plan), you are able to join a MetLife Plan.

If I join one of CRA’s Dental Plans (Low or High), can I switch to the other CRA Plan at a later date?

You will be allowed to submit to MetLife a request to change your Plan designation. You will be subject to the rules in effect at the time of your request

May a Member and spouse/domestic partner elect different plan coverages?

No. Both individuals must be covered by the same Option.

If a Member elects coverage but declines coverage for a spouse/domestic partner, may a spouse/domestic partner be added at a later date?

No. All eligible individuals must be added at the same time.

If a Member declines coverage may a spouse/domestic partner be covered?

No. A Member and a spouse/domestic partner must join at the same time.

If a Member who belongs to a MetLife Dental Plan and he/she should marry, may the spouse be added to the Member’s coverage?

Yes, this is considered a qualifying life event.

Is the plan maximum per person or for everyone on the plan?

The maximum benefit is per person on the dental plan. However, the money is not pooled and is limited to $750 on the low plan and $1,500 on the high plan per person.

Do I still receive benefits if my dentist is not in the MetLife network?

Yes, you still receive benefits under this dental insurance. You will receive benefits in the 80th percentile of reasonable and customary (R&C) charges that MetLife assigns to all procedures. The coverage is then subject to the level of benefit (Low Option / High Option) and the category level that the procedure falls in (preventative, basic, & major).

Is there a list of what the 80th percentile of reasonable and customary (R&C) charges covers?
Unfortunately, this information is not available. Due to the scope and variables associated with these costs, it is not possible for MetLife to provide this information.

Does this dental insurance work with other dental insurance that I already have?

Unfortunately, no. The MetLife products being offered in conjunction with the Chevron Retirees Association is designed to be stand alone dental insurance and will not coordinate benefits with other coverages.

How many cleanings per year are available on this dental insurance?

Preventative care is covered twice per year at 100% not subject to the deductible.