Don't have CRA Dental Coverage?
For new members, you will receive information on the benefits of the CRA dental program once you become a dues paying member. If you are an existing dues paying member and have already been offered the program, you may join once your existing coverage ends.
Plan Options
Current CRA Dental Plan Participants Annual Change Period March
Opportunity to switch plans, add or drop dependents.

To make plan changes, contact MetLife
Unique ID Number is required to make plan changes.

Key Information:
Must have Unique ID# when contacting MetLife  |  ID# is found in your enrollment kit

CRA Offers Competive Dental Plans at Competitive Dental Rates  |  Not a replacement for the Chevron Dental Program
Renewal information will be mailed to members each February
Dental benefits are effective annually on April 1
MetLife Dental coverage does not coordinate with the Chevron UCCI dental program.

The IRS has provided relief to individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey and who wish to take loans and/or hardship distributions from retirement plans to alleviate a financial hardship. Please see the link below (or cut & paste if the link is not working).

MetLife Contact Information Calculate Your Dental Rate
Be sure to have your unique ID#
when contacting MetLife

MetLife Customer Service Number:

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