Chevron Retirees Association Dental Program - Providing a quality dental option to ALL CRA Members

Introducing CRA’s New Dental Program

dentist working on patient

Medical research underscores the connection between oral and overall health with periodontal disease linked to a number of major health concerns, including heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and diabetes. To help our members safeguard their health, CRA’s new dental program offers the choice between two dental plans provided through MetLife, a major provider of dental coverage.

If you are not yet a CRA member, contact your local chapter to find out how you can become a member to take advantage of this valuable new program.

We have assembled this informational Web site with our benefits consultant, the HDH Group, to provide you with all the information you need about our new dental program. If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, please contact us.

Calculate Your Dental Rate

To find the current rate for your area, please input the first 3 digits of your zip code, choose your state and click the submit button.

Plan Descriptions

The CRA Low Plan covers basic and preventative services, while the High Plan covers basic, preventative, and major services. Click here for a detailed description of each plan.

Click here to compare costs of the CRA Plans with Met Life to Chevron’s and AARP’s Plans.

Click here for a copy of your HIPAA Privacy Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our new dental program. If this listing of questions and answers does not include an answer to your question, please contact us, we’ll be happy to answer it and add it to our listing. Click here to view our FAQs.