Chevron Retirees Association Dental Program - Providing a quality dental option to ALL CRA Members

About CRA

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The Chevron Retirees Association (CRA) was formed in 1971 to promote the interests and welfare of all Chevron retirees, their spouses, and families. CRA’s mission is to attract and retain a diverse and multi-cultural, dues-paying membership that brings value to all retirees and to Chevron. We accomplish our mission through social interaction, education, communication, and advocacy of mutually important issues.

Since its founding, CRA has welcomed retirees of Gulf, Texaco, Unocal and other companies that have become part of Chevron.

Member Benefits

Since its founding, CRA focuses its efforts on advancing the interests of its members, Chevron retirees and their spouses. In cooperation with Chevron, CRA works to provide its members with improved retirement health care and pension plans – such as the new CRA Dental Program, which will launch in April 2009.

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CRA Chapters

CRA has 100 chapters, including two chapters in Canada and an unaffiliated chapter for members who live in areas not covered by other chapters.

For more information on becoming a member of CRA, please contact your local chapter. To view the complete listing of the chapters, click here.